How Do I Know it’s a Good Power Supply?

When buying power supplies directly from overseas vendors, it can be very difficult to know if the power supply you have bought is a good one, or not.

ADM only stocks MEAN WELL power supplies and this is for a good reason. They are designed and manufactured to a very high standard and are very cost effective when compared to some other brands on the market.

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There are many manufacturers who will claim that their power supplies are highly reliable, offer extended warranty periods and claim that their power supplies have a very long-life expectancy. The question is can they back up these claims?

MEAN WELL can, which is why they are a trusted brand around the world.

Warranty Periods

A warranty period is only of benefit if the seller is still around, when you need to make a claim.

Anyone can print a warranty period in a product brochure, but if the company is consistently producing an inferior product the business may cease trading. There would be no one to lodge a claim with.

Admittedly this is unlikely to be a big headache if we are talking a single purchase of a $50 power supply. However, if you have bought 1000’s and are seeing a high rate of failures this could have a significant budgetary impact on your business, not to mention loss of reputation.

If you have bought your power supplies directly from overseas you also have no legal recourse if something does go wrong. The overseas seller is bound by the laws of the country in which they are based and Australian laws do not reach beyond our borders. So, there may be no legal compulsion for the overseas seller to honour the warranty they have given.


If a manufacturer has claimed that their power supply is reliable and has a long-life expectancy they should be able to back it up.

MEAN WELL does this by publishing Mean Time Between Failure statistics in their product data sheets.

Below is an excerpt from the MEAN WELL ELG-75 data sheet, showing the MTBF data:


MTBF data is not a guarantee of how long a power supply is guaranteed to last. Instead it is an indication of the average expected life cycle of the power supply.

For this data to be meaningful it must be calculated according to a recognised standard. MEAN WELL uses one or more internationally recognised standards for calculating this data, depending on the type of power supply in question. The data sheet will stipulate which standards were used to calculate the MTBF data.

If a manufacturer publishes MTBF data, but cannot say which standard was used to carry out the calculations, you may want to take them with a pinch of salt.


It is very difficult to know if you can trust a manufacturer, or supplier you are about to engage with.

It is often useful to conduct a bit of research on the manufacturer you are about to buy power supplies from. If there is no mention of them anywhere online, you may want to walk away. Most reputable companies will at least have a website and one or more distributors championing their cause.

The manufacturer’s news page can tell you a lot about their business.

For example, MEAN WELL’s own test laboratories have recently been accredited by UL, TÜV and DEKRA. This means they are trusted by the regulators to carry out the approvals testing, which is required to apply for the necessary certifications.

Reputable power supply manufacturers like MEAN WELL have a robust quality system and can produce evidence of test results, such as batch testing on request.  MEAN WELL also conducts in-house performance testing for all models.


For the most part, ADM is still responsible for the testing and certification of MEAN WELL power supplies in accordance with Australia’s electrical safety and EMC regulations.

As you can see, there is a very good reason why ADM only stocks MEAN WELL power supplies and why we think they should be the first manufacturer you consider when looking for power supplies.

Our team is here to help you identify the most suitable model for your application and our technical team is on hand to help you solve any unexpected problems you may run into.

Don’t take unnecessary, costly risks. Give us a call today on 1300 236 467.  

28 June 2018