2.1mm Extension and Splitter Cables in Stock

2.1mm extension and splitter cables

ADM stocks a comprehensive range of 2.1mm extension and splitter cables, to fast track your production and installation times.

MEAN WELL's GST series desk top adapters and GE series wall mount plug pack type adapters are a great low cost, reliable power supply solution for many commercial applications. 

MEAN WELL Desk Top Power Adapter
MEAN WELL plug pack power adapter

Models with a power adapter of up to 60 WATTS are typically supplied with a 2.1mm DC jack. 

You may need to extend the length of the cable, split it into multiple outputs, or change the terminations to bare wires, or a 2.5mm DC jack. This can be done quickly and safely, with one of the 2.1mm extension, or splitter cables that ADM has in stock.

We won't list every single item in this blog post as there are quite a few of them, instead we will give an overview of the types of 2.1mm cables we stock. Please call our office on 1300 236 467 for pricing information.

2.1mm DC Splitter Cables

ADM stocks 2-way, 4-way and 8-way 2.1mm DC splitter cables. 

2 way 2.1mm DC splitter cable
4 way 2.1mm DC splitter cable
8 way 2.1mm DC splitter cable

These are perfect for when you want to power multiple low powered devices from one MEAN WELL power adapter. Not only do they speed up a production line, they also expedite in-field installations. Most customers find that the time saved, more than compensates for the cost of the splitters. 

The other advantage these offer is fewer failures caused by miss-wiring. It is easy to make mistakes when you are under the pump. Any opportunity for wiring errors are removed by using these splitter cables.

2.1mm DC Extension Cables

ADM stocks two different types of 2.1mm DC extension cables. 1 type has a 2.1mm DC plug on one end, and a 2.1mm socket on the other. These are straight forward extension leads.

The other type has a 2.1mm socket on one end and bare wires at the other. These are ideal if you need a quick method of converting the output from 2.1mm DC jack to bare wires. These are available in various lengths.

2.1mm dc extension cable
2,1mm DC extension cable to bare wires


2.1mm to 2.5mm DC Cable

If you need to quickly convert the 2.1mm output of your power supply to 2.5mm, ADM stocks 2.1mm to 2.5mm DC adapter cables.

2.1mm to 2.5mm adapter cable

3 January 2019